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Replacement Brakes and Brake Repair in Leavenworth, Kansas

A faulty braking system is one of the most dangerous problems that can afflict any vehicle on the country’s roads. Here at Metro Auto Complete Auto Repair we always recommend getting the brakes checked as soon as you think there may be anything wrong.

At our premises in Leavenworth, Kansas, we are open six days a week, Monday thru Saturday, and ready to deal with any auto repair problems you may have. A braking problem is an issue we will make sure gets immediate attention.

We can repair any fault that occurs with your braking system, whether it be the brake pads, brake lining, brake shoes, or any other part of the mechanism. If the system cannot be fixed then we will carry out a brake replacement procedure and, if any spare parts are need, then we will have them for you in double quick time.

A typical repair job on all wheel drive brakes takes our mechanics here at Metro Auto Complete Auto Repair between two hours and two and a half hours. For a total brake replacement, the job will take up to three and a half hours.

Among the warning signs of a brake problem are a squealing noise coming from the vehicle, meaning the brake pads and drums are worn out and need replaced. The squealing should not be ignored and you should bring your vehicle into us without delay.

If rust is allowed to develop on the brake line, it means you need to have the entire brake lining replaced. Again that is a job our trusted mechanics are well used to doing.

Never ignore a brake problem or put off getting it sorted as the dangers are only too evident. If you are a motorist from the Leavenworth area then make sure you contact the best auto repair company in the business. Call Metro Auto Complete Auto Repair on (913) 937-2065 and let us get to work.

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