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Transmission Repair and Rebuilding in Leavenworth, Kansas

A properly functioning transmission system is essential to ensure the correct movement in your vehicle. If there is a transmission malfunction then sometimes the car will not start so it is important to have the system checked on a regular basis to avoid any problems.

Here at Metro Auto Complete Auto Repair we are expert in all aspects of auto repair and servicing, and have been repairing and maintaining transmission systems for more than 30 years on behalf of the motorists in and around Leavenworth, Kansas.

Part of the tune ups we offer when your car has covered between 20,000 and 30,000 miles includes checking the transmission fluid in the vehicle. Whenever we carry out a check we can tell right away if there is a problem with the fluid that is likely to cause a problem with the system.

Using a dipstick, we dip it in the fluid, pull it out and smell it. If there is an odd smell as though the fluid is burning, then there is definitely a potential problem. If you have a dipstick at home then you can carry out the procedure yourself but we always recommend leaving it to the professionals here.

If the check engine light on your dashboard is on, that would also signal that something is wrong with the transmission. As soon as the light shows then bring the car in to our shop without delay and let us deal with the problem and get it sorted. Driving while the light is on could cause damage – unless you are taking it to the mechanic to get it sorted.

We will deal with transmission leaks, clutch repair, perform a transmission flush and rebuild your transmission system at our shop.

Don’t let something as simple and routine as a transmission problem become a big deal. Bring the car into Metro Auto Complete Auto Repair as soon as a problem shows itself and our mechanics will fix it. Call us on (913) 937-2065 for an appointment.

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